Prairie Dog Town
This small park located off Exit 377 on I-90  was preserved thanks to Livingston Wildlife Photographer, Edward Boehm and others dedicated to protecting these sophisticated little creatures.  Upon entering the park, one is greeted by little chirp-barks as the sentinel flips his tail and warns the pack that there is danger coming.  In this instance, it was us in our gray prius.   Eyes peered out from their cone shaped homes to watch the intruders.  Signs around the park give more information about our furry hosts.  The Prairie Dog homes are 14 feet deep, with different burrows used as a listening post, toilet area, and a main living quarters.   The mound shaped holes are the front door to their homes and the crater shaped ones are the back doors.
In mid-May, the prairie puppies are born, and they can be seen in groups, curiously watching us as we pass.   As we sat awhile, the alarms quieted down and we saw two prairie dogs, nuzzle each other before heading their separate ways.   The little puppies were so cute with parents watching over them from behind.  It’s a great place to have a picnic and just watch these fascinating creatures.  Though the longer I sat, the more I realized that perhaps we were the entertainment, and not the other way around.
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